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Our Health Tours Are Not Limited To Hair Restoration Procendures & Treatments . . .

Our "Health and Romance Vacation Tours" are not limited to procedures for hair loss such as restoration, transplants and replacements. The opportunity for other cosmetic or under insured medical procedures is abundantly available in our tour destination cities. And they are available from very qualified doctors and professionals at extremely cost efficient prices.

This would include dental services and surgery, hair loss restoration, cosmetic skin and face lift procedures, general plastic surgery operations and EVEN breast implant and augmentation procedures for women (of course).

For more detailed information on all of our available Health and Romance Tour Vacations you should visit our sister site "Medical-Vacations.Com". Here you will find a complete overview and links to all of our available options.

Anticipating your next question the answer would be "YES". You can combine multiple medical procedures into ONE tour and save even more! There is no reason that your trip has to be limited to hair restoration procedures alone. It is simply a matter of what your schedule will allow (as well as any medical concerns of multiple procedures in a short time frame). And you will be able to accomplish all of this while, at the same time, enjoying one of the most exciting and rewarding adventures of your life in your chosen foreign destination!

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