Available Foreign Destinations For Your Hair Restoration & Romance Tour

Our List Of Available Destinations For Your Hair Loss Solution Is Rapidly Growing . . .

Our company currently serves more than 20 major international destination cities from Eastern Europe to South America. However, we are not currently set up at all of these destinations to accommodate "health" oriented tours for hair restoration and other cosmetic medical options. But our list of destination options is growing rapidly.

Currently, our list of destination choices includes the historic cities of St. Petersburg or Moscow, Russia. You may also choose a more tropical destination such as San Jose, Costa Rica or Cartegena, Colombia. Others will be added soon.

All of these destinations offer a host of qualified and reputable doctors, clinics and medical professionals to provide treatments and procedures for your hair loss concerns. And our staff in these cities have done their due diligence and are fully prepared to assist you in researching and coordinating your treatment in conjunction with the rest of your tour experience.

Any of these cities is guaranteed to be an exciting experience for ANY tourist with ANY objective. But we additionally guarantee that not one of these destinations has any shortage of sincere, beautiful, marriage minded women who are eager to meet you on your arrival to their city. When you combine all of this, any one of these destinations presents you with the opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime - all right here.

You can find much more information on all aspects of the tour experience within any of these destinations by clicking the links above. Or you can simply visit our flagship site "A Foreign Affair" where you will find much more detailed information.

Did you ever think that finding a solution to your hair loss concerns - such as restoration, replacement or transplant surgery - could ever be so much fun?

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"I solved my problem - visited somewhere I never dreamed I would - and met someone special all at the same time. Just incredible."
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