How Does It Work?

You simply schedule your vacation tour and let World Wide Health Tours (sm) worry about everything else for you.

Based in the United States, World Wide Health Tours has been successfully conducting a variety of international vacation tours for men since 1995. With international offices in every destination city, you are never out of touch for any need or concern you may have during your trip. When you have made the decision to go, all you need to do is contact us and we can make all of the arrangements according to your specific needs and schedule. Our "Hair Loss Health Vacation Tours" are extremely flexible and affordable.

Just for some idea, here is a very brief overview of how things may typically work FROM THIS VERY POINT in time all the way through to your return home from your exciting international adventure:

  • RIGHT NOW - review this site thoroughly. We have made a special effort to provide a substantial amount of information here for you to absorb so that you can make the initial judgement as to whether or not our opportunities are something that you would like to consider further.
  • NEXT - Review our flagship site _____________________. This will give you an immense amount of information about our company and EVERYTHING that we can offer. You will also find detailed information on destinations, accommodations and virtually any other aspect that anyone would typically be wondering about at this point. Don't forget to review our huge library of text and video testimonials from recent clients. This will give you great insight as to what to expect both from us, as a company, and throughout your tour experience in general.
  • If you think you may be interested in obtaining other cosmetic medical treatments available, review our flagship "Health & Romance" site, Medical-Vacations.Com.
  • Contact us with any questions you may have and to explore any restoration, replacement or transplant surgery options available for your hair loss concerns at the destinations that interest you. Our staff will assist you with this.
  • Some clients may want to explore our world recognized basic international introduction services at this point before moving on to actually scheduling any tour. And we welcome this because you will be laying the foundation for your ultimate tour experience and gaining confidence in the credibility of our company.
  • YOU MAKE THE DECISION TO GO! It's time to make your reservation. Reservation deposits are as little as $325.00 and entitle you to immediate privileges and perks even though you may NOT have yet decided on your destination or been able to arrange your schedule. Our staff simply creates an "open reservation" and works with you to help work out all of the details.
  • Our staff continues to work with you to research your hair loss treatment options and any other details of your pending trip.
  • YOU DEFINE YOUR DESTINATION AND FINALIZE YOUR SCHEDULE. This is where our headquarter staff in Phoenix and our international staff in your destination city begin to put all the detailed pieces of your adventure together for you.
  • You continue to explore both your romantic options as desired - and your hair loss treatment options as needed. Again, with our full assistance and using all of the incredible resources available to you
  • Our staff is working on all of the necessary details for your trip such as entry visas, airline tickets, accommodations, transportation, scheduling any consultations and procedures for your hair loss treatments, and every other need and detail that needs attention. It will all have to work seamlessly to ensure that there is no compromise in you tour experience.
  • At this point, you are already most likely communicating with numerous attractive women who interest you via postal mail, email or telephone (unless you have chosen to opt out of the romance aspects of your tour). Prior to your departure you will have the opportunity to provide us with a LIST of women that interest you and that you would like to be certain to meet in person during your trip. We will be certain that these women are either personally invited to our social events or arrange one-on-one personal introductions for you once you are there. It is important to note that these women are REAL! Due to our proprietary presence in every destination city - there is no other company in the world that can claim more personal interaction with these women or claim to have a more current and regularly updated database. We simply pick up the phone locally and call the lovely woman on your behalf.
  • IT'S TIME TO GO! Your bags are packed and you have made all of the necessary personal arrangements at home. You have to catch a mid-morning flight to be certain that you get to the airport of your tour origination in plenty of time to connect (normally NY JFK for Europe or Miami for Latin America). You are excited about the adventure ahead of you. You are excited about visiting a foreign destination that you, perhaps, thought you would never visit. You are excited about actually meeting in person REAL women that want to meet you. You are excited about having your hair loss concerns taken care of. BUT - you are tentative and even a little nervous. You have NO IDEA what to really expect. This is completely normal for even the most confident and adventurous man.

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    "I solved my problem - visited somewhere I never dreamed I would - and met someone special all at the same time. Just incredible."
    "I was as pessimistic and skeptical as anyone could be. I stand corrected. It ranks among the best experiences I ever had."

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