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Successfully Conducting International Tours Since 1995

World Wide Health Tours is a division of World Wide Data Link, Inc. who has been successful conducting both group and individual tours internationally since 1995. Our success has been documented in major media worldwide. Based in the United States in Phoenix, Arizona, our international presence has grown to nearly 20 established satellite offices in major destinations throughout Eastern Europe and Latin America.

While your tour vacation is coordinated through out headquarters in Phoenix, the international office of your chosen destination will be working far ahead of your arrival to ensure that your trip is a complete success in every way. They will be waiting to greet you when you arrive at the airport and will continue to be immediately available throughout your stay to assist you with any needs you will have. Our tremendous success over the years is largely due to this international staff who simply refuse to allow you to leave their destination having experienced anything short of a fantastic adventure.

While gathering information about medical services, you most likely came across the terms "medical tours" or "health vacations". This is because it is clearly a growing trend in western countries for people seeking cosmetic medical treatments. Seeing this trend, and realizing that we had the infrastructure in place to accommodate it in a superior fashion, we began formulating our international "Health and Romance Tours" in early 2004. And they are unfolding to be another great success and option for our thousands of satisfied clients.

All of the above being said, we invite you to fully explore this web site as well as our flagship site "A Foreign Affair". You will then have a much clearer picture of our credibility and the diversity of options available to you. We encourage you to contact us anytime by phone or email with any questions or needs.

Cost efficient cosmetic medical treatment, travel, adventure ... even lifetime romance - can all be at your fingertips at the same time. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you very soon.

The Entire World Wide Staff At WWHT.

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"I solved my problem - visited somewhere I never dreamed I would - and met someone special all at the same time. Just incredible."
"I was as pessimistic and skeptical as anyone could be. I stand corrected. It ranks among the best experiences I ever had."

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