Hair Loss Restoration, Replacement and Transplant Surgery On Your Exciting International "Hair Health Vacation Tour"

Now most American, European and Canadian men can save overall on the cost of hair loss treatments while enjoying the romantic vacation tour of a lifetime!

Male hair loss treatments and other "cosmetic" treatment and surgery solutions can be expensive procedures for many men in the United States as well as men in some European countries such as the United Kingdom (UK) and even for men from Canada and other western countries. Since male hair loss is not considered a "physical health issue" by most medical insurance plans available in these countries, men are forced to pay full premium prices for these types of treatments and solutions within their resident countries where the best health care treatment is already among the most expensive in the world.

However, over the last 5 to 10 years, the international commerce and travel landscape has changed dramatically. Men now have extremely professional medical options to alternately consider while, at the same time, enjoying an exciting experience in a foreign country of their choice. Best of all, they can often enjoy it all and SAVE considerably when compared to the price it would cost if they simply had any procedure done in their own home town! The overall savings for their treatment of choice can often be in the thousands of dollars.

What Is A "Hair Health Romance & Vacation Tour"?

Restoration of hair loss or treatments to stop hair loss have never been so much fun for men world wide!

The concept of a hair health vacation tour is very simple and affordable. You simply take a wonderful and romantic vacation to the foreign destination of your choice. While you are there you take a little time out to explore the options and obtain the hair loss restoration, replacement, transplant or treatment of your choice. Since health care costs in these countries are dramatically more affordable than in the United States and other western countries, you will save substantially while receiving some of the most qualified and professional (arguably superior) care and treatment procedures available anywhere in the world. When you return home you will be feeling fantastic since you have just enjoyed a great experience and obtained the professional solution you wanted for your hair loss concerns. You will have also enjoyed meeting hundreds of beautiful marriange minded women and a trip to a wonderful foreign destination. Very possibly, you will return home having met a very special woman that offers the opportunity for a loving, lifetime relationship. Better yet, your overall cost all inclusive can turn out to be the same or even less than if you stayed home and paid the price for your hair restoration procedure there. There is no other vacation opportunity like it offered anywhere in the world.

How Does It Work?

You simply schedule your vacation tour and let World Wide Health Tours (sm) worry about everything else for you.

Based in the United States, World Wide Health Tours has been successfully conducting a variety of international vacation tours for men since 1995. With international offices in every destination city, you are never out of touch for any need or concern you may have during your trip. When you have made the decision to go, all you need to do is contact us and we can make all of the arrangements according to your specific needs and schedule. Our "Hair Loss Health Vacation Tours" are extremely flexible and affordable. ( more on this . . . )

What Is Provided?

Everything from A to Z. All you need to worry about is arranging your schedule to go - and how great you are going to feel about your hair restoration and treatments long before you ever arrive home.

  • Round trip airfare to and from your chosen destination.
  • A variety of exciting and romantic destinations such as St. Petersburg or Moscow, Russia. Or choose a tropical destination such as San Jose, Costa Rica or Cartegena, Colombia - among others.
  • Entry and exit visas as needed for each country.
  • Transportation including to and from airport by our staff and arranged as needed throughout your stay.
  • Apartment or 4 and 5 star hotel accommodations at discount group prices.
  • Translators if needed.
  • Arrangement of sightseeing tours and entertainment as desired. Some guided tours are included.
  • Single men can take advantage of our optional "Singles Socials" and other options. These are arranged specifically for traveling men where they can meet hundreds of beautiful, sincere, single women interested in marriage to foreign men! These too are arranged and provided directly by our staff specifically for all or our clients visiting that destination at that time. International Romance Tours are just one of our other specialties and YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE DURING YOUR VACATION TOUR!
  • For men participating in our romance tour services, complete ongoing introduction services both individually and at planned events are included.
  • Our staff assists you in scheduling any appointments to discuss your hair restoration, replacement, transplant and any other available treatment solution options for you. Then we make sure that you get the assistance you need to obtain and complete the option you have chosen during your visit. While World Wide Health Tours is not directly affiliated with - or specifically promoting - any of the doctors, clinics or surgeons, our years of local experience in the destination city ensure that you are choosing from only the most reputable and professional doctors available. The thousands of satisfied tour clients over the years that we have hosted are testimony to our diligence in making sure that you experience the most pleasant and successful trip possible! For more information about your options for hair loss restoration, replacement, transplant or other treatments, CLICK HERE.

    NOTE: Each vacation tour can be customized to each client for both duration and services needed. For example, you may choose to obtain your own airline tickets, etc.

    What Are The Advantages Of A "Hair Loss Health Vacation Tour"?

    There are many advantages for men to seriously consider if they are seeking care and treatment for male hair loss ...

  • Due to the economic atmosphere of medical health care in these destination countries, you may often find that your overall care and treatment is ultimately far superior to that which you may have received in your own home town. That the doctors and surgeons are very well educated and are generally under far less pressure to contain and reduce costs - is a common observation.
  • When you compare the cost of obtaining treatments such as hair restoration and hair transplant procedures locally - as opposed to internationally - you will find that costs in these international destinations are generally at a price that can be dramatically lower than what your cost would be for the same (or lesser) care in your local city.
  • In many, many instances, you should be able to combine the cost or your entire trip AND your cost for your hair loss treatment - AND STILL SAVE MONEY!
  • Not only should you go home having found a very cost efficient solution for your hair loss concern, you will have enjoyed an exciting and romantic adventure in a beautiful foreign country fully assisted by our staff.
  • Clients are welcome to enjoy and participate in aspects of other tours and events that we have scheduled at their destination city. Single men may be especially interested in our Romance Tour Socials and other International Introduction Services that we provide specifically for our large base of clients. You may just come home with an added bonus you never expected and that could last a lifetime!
  • For many clients, their biggest obstacle is simply arranging time in their schedule to make their trip. We work with each client individually to make it work for them.

    If you are a man serious about exploring all of your best options for treating male hair loss, you owe it to yourself to explore our web site and services further. We promise you one thing for certain - there is not a more exciting and adventurous method of resolving your hair restoration objective in the world than what you find offered here. Our objective is to ensure that. Perhaps it is not the option for you, but you won't be sure until you explore it further.

    You may contact us directly in the United States by calling 602-553-8178 or through email and other options by visiting our "Contact Us" page.

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    "I solved my problem - visited somewhere I never dreamed I would - and met someone special all at the same time. Just incredible."
    "I was as pessimistic and skeptical as anyone could be. I stand corrected. It ranks among the best experiences I ever had."

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